DHD Breast Cancer Hoodies

$10.00 will be donated to the OTTAWA BREAST CANCER RESEARCH ALLIANCE.  This is a clinic very close to my heart as they have treated my cousin Jane Doyle and this is my way of trying to thank them for such incredible work and dedication.

From their website:

"For those of you that don’t know who we are, we are a group of three individuals that have chosen to dedicate our entire career and energy to help women fight breast cancer. We are an oncologist, scientist, and surgeon. Our mission is to develop the latest cutting edge solutions that would help in the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of breast cancer patients. By working together, we are uniquely positioned to ensure that laboratory discoveries make it rapidly into the clinic and operating room, so that it can have an immediate impact on our patients.

You have inspired us to continue in our relentless pursuit for effective therapies for breast cancer. So thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of women right here in our own city. Simply put, if it wasn’t for faithful supporters like you, we wouldn’t exist.

Lobular breast cancer is a specific type of breast cancer whose incidence is on the rise. Compared to other types of breast cancer, it has not been studied as well; the causes of it are unknown, but we do know that it can spread widely through the body and result in poor outcomes for our patients. Known treatments such as chemotherapy do not work well on this type of breast cancer. Only a few people in the world have the ability to study this type of cancer; and since it is so common in Ottawa, we would be one of those people. Specifically, your funds will help us develop the largest laboratory system for testing different new treatments for lobular breast cancer. Thanks to you, women with lobular breast cancer can have a brighter future.

We look forward to sharing the program’s success with you in the future.  We are not only thankful for your fundraising efforts, but also your continued faith in our mandate. Together, we can realize a future without breast cancer.


The Ottawa Breast Cancer Research Alliance

Dr. Angel Arnaout

Breast Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Mark Clemons

Medical Oncologist

Dr. Christina Addison

Cancer Scientist

CLICK HERE to visit their website and to learn more about their mission to cure breast cancer.

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