Vinny Davidson: The Super Sniper of the Montreal Stars

Posted by Amey Doyle on September 29, 2012
Vinny Davidson: The Super Sniper of the Montreal Stars

Vanessa Davidson is a long time staff member with Doyle Hockey Development and was recently featured in an article in Bleacher Report, written by Mark Staffieri.  Vanessa is preparing for another season with the Montreal Stars of the CWHL and will be back on the ice next spring and summer with the rest of the DHD gang!

September 29th 2012.

Humble and gracious, Vanessa (Vinny) Davidson conducts herself with a great respect for women’s hockey.

Success in women’s hockey, does not only involves hard work, but also being surrounded by leaders that can help to inspire and motivate.

In that regard, Davidson has been blessed to be guided by two of the finest coaches in women’s hockey: Peter Smith of the McGill Martlets, and Patrick Rankine of the Montreal Stars.

“The coach is your number one leader. You look up to your coach. I was close with Peter Smith. He changed me as a hockey player and made me better. Patrick gave me a role [last season]. I took it and went with it.”

As a side note, Rankine was also an assistant coach when Davidson competed with the Quebec Avalanche of the former National Women’s Hockey League.  Compared to her time with the Avalanche, Davidson would be the first to say that the women’s game has changed.

“Drastically. I played with Quebec in 2004-05 and the league was dispersed and not as strong. This year, the league is the strongest it will ever be. The talent on every team is astronomical.”



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