Marie-Philip Poulin Back In Action

Posted by Amey Doyle on January 09, 2012
Marie-Philip Poulin Back In Action

Hockey superstar Marie-Philip Poulin didn’t get the start to the 2012 season with Boston University that she would have liked.  In just her second game of the season versus North Dakota, Poulin was involved in what looked like a harmless play but she knew right away that something was wrong.  She ended up spending almost a week in the hospital and was sidelined from the rink.

Pou On IceFast-forward three months, and Marie-Philip is back and ready to go.  After missing 18 games with the Boston University Terriers, young Poulin stepped back on the ice to compete against Maine University.  “When you don’t play for 3 months, it is really hard. But when I put my jersey back on for the first time since my injury, it was the best feeling I could have had.  I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I didn’t really know what to expect but I was confident in my team and knew we would have a very good performance.  No matter what jersey you put on, it is always an honor to represent the logo in front” explained Poulin.

In her first game back since October 1st, Poulin had a solid effort and assisted on the game winner.  When asked how she was able to compete at such a high level so quickly, Poulin talked about her off ice training.  “For the first month, I did not do anything because I was still at risk. At the six week mark, I started to work out at a low intensity and progressed to full more intense work outs by week ten. I started skating by myself at nine weeks and slowly progressed to join with the team practices in mid December.  Contact at practice increased as well from non-contact drills to full contact play at the beginning of January.  This was when I knew I was back and ready to play”.

Poulin’s road to recovery was long and sometimes frustrating.  She was lucky to have the support of many people during this time.  “I had the chance to be well surrounded by a lot of great people here at BU. My coaches, my trainer and my teammates were a big part of my recovery.  All my family and my friends back home in Beauce and in Montreal were constantly asking me how I was doing and made sure I always had what I needed.  Also, I had a visit from a really good friend, Catherine Ward, who came to Boston from Montreal when I was released from the hospital.  She stayed with me for the first couple of days and helped me to get back to my routine. Thank you to all”.

Now that Poulin is back in action, she was asked what her goals were for the remainder of the season.  “First and foremost, I want to get back to where I was before I got injured both mentally and physically.  I now have the chance to get back into the lineup and play the remainder of the season.  I need to continue to work hard both on and off the ice to give myself the best chances to succeed.  We will work hard during the second half of the season and hopefully get back to the frozen four like we did last year”. PouAnnsoCech

From an academic and recruiting standpoint, Poulin is extremely happy with her decision to attend Boston University.  “BU is a great school that gives student-athletes the opportunity to develop as people and as hockey players.  It is a great environment and the student-athletes are well surrounded”.  Marie-Phil is a psychology major and offers this advice to other high school and Cegep students who are starting or currently in the recruiting process. “Take the time to visit each school that you’re interested in and take the time to think about what you want; look at the big picture.  The decision represents four years of your life and you need to be happy.  From my experience, my visits showed me where I felt comfortable right away.  I knew BU was a good fit for me and when you visit the school that you will eventually attend, you will know it’s the right fit for you.  As female hockey players who have a chance to represent a University we are lucky. Make sure you make it a good one”!Pou and Caro

Marie-Philip Poulin has been part of the Doyle Hockey Development staff for 4 years.  Marie-Phil is outstanding with the players who attend each camp and she has helped them all improve.  She is a great role model for the girls at the camps and definitely shows them the importance of hard work both on and off the ice.  When asked about the DHD program Poulin explains, “Being part of this hockey development program is a honor for me because there are a lot of great athletes who work there. As a staff member, I am not only teaching to the younger girls, but I too learn from them and from the rest of the coaching staff. It is a fun week where we have a lot of fun and improve at the same time. I am looking forward to the next camp in June 2012 at Cegep St. Lauernt”.

Next week, Poulin will face-off against Maine again at home.  Doyle Hockey Development wishes her and her team the best of luck in the remainder of the season! 

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