Doyle Hockey Development Staff Heading to 4Nations to Represent Canada

Posted by Amey Doyle on November 07, 2011
Doyle Hockey Development Staff Heading to 4Nations to Represent Canada

Labonte_StudentI am excited to wish DHD staff members Caroline Ouellette, Charline Labonte and Melodie Daoust the best of luck as they have all been chosen to represent Canada at the upcoming 4 Nations Cup in Sweden. 

Labonte and Ouellette are two veterans of the National Team and have been to many 4 Nations Cup tournaments throughout their career.  However they are not treating this as just another tournament.  Both players are excited to be going and understand the importance of performing well.  Although both players bring a tremendous amount of leadership and experience to the room they understand the importance of consistent performance in practice and games.  Ouellette explained, “I am thrilled to be in Sweden at the 4 Nations Cup with the Canadian Women’s Hockey team. I was not originally suppose to take part in the tournament due to an injury that occurred at the 12 Nations tournament in Finland in August. I have big shoes to fill as I was asked to replace Marie-Philip Poulin who is herself working her way back from an injury. It is always a great privilege to play for Canada and I am truly grateful for that”. Poulin and Ouellette

In Canada today, more and more young, talented players are moving through the ranks and have proved to be deserving of very tough roster spots on Canada’s National team.  Hockey Canada’s development programs at the Under-18 and Under-22 levels have proved to be successful in developing future talent.  Ouellette says, “ having the young players around is great.  They are so talented that they push everyone to be better”. 

McGill’s Melodie Daoust happens to be one of the young talented players that Ouellette is talking about.  The 2011 4Nations Cup will be Daoust’s first time playing with the Senior National Team and she is definitely excited.  When asked how she found out about her being named to the 4 Nations roster, she explained, “I was on my way to get something to eat at subway before a McGill road trip and I saw that Dan Church was calling me.  I did not answer at first because I was very nervous.  I listened to the message that he left when I arrive at the McGill arena and then called him back”. 

Poulin and DaoustMelodie has come through Hockey Canada’s development program by being named to Canada’s U-18 Team where she won a World Championship in 2009.  When asked to recall her best memory from that Championship she talked about the character on the team.  “Between the second and third period, we were losing the game and in the room the players just started dancing and singing.  I remember thinking ‘this is amazing’.  When we went back on the ice, the team was on fire!  We came back to win the game and the first ever Gold Medal for Canada’s U18 program”.

Currently, a student-athlete at McGill, Daoust is currently making the adjustment not only of being a University student-athlete, but also going to school in English for the first time in her life.  Daoust understands the importance of academics and wants to be successful in the classroom.  She works hard on the ice but also in the classroom as well.  “Nothing is easy, you have to work hard to be successful in all areas and that is what I plan to do.  At McGill, I have really learned the importance of a good education and I work hard to get good marks.  On the ice, everyone pushes each other. That is why McGill has had such success in the past.  You have to be at your best every day, at every practice.  There are older girls there who will hold you accountable if you take it easy.  We are all on the ice to work together to be the best team that we can be, it is a good feeling as a young player and it is so much fun”.

Ouellette, Labonte and Daoust take on Sweden later today (Nov 7th) in an exhibition game.  Best of luck to all of you from the rest of us at Doyle Hockey Development!

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