Daoust Reflects on her Summer Training and Experience with the National Team

Posted by Amey Doyle on September 06, 2012
Daoust Reflects on her Summer Training and Experience with the National Team

At DHD (Doyle Hockey Development) we are very proud of the quality of instruction that we are able to provide to all of our participants.  Our staff members range from 3-time Olympic Gold medalists Kim St-Pierre and Caroline Ouellette to provincial level players who have represented their respective provinces at the National Championships.  All our staff have proven to not only be great hockey players, but also great role models to all young female players learning and working to improve their game. 

Mélodie Daoust a long time member of the DHD staff and a member of the U22 National Team is looking forward to starting her second season with the McGill Martlet Hockey team.  “It has been a great summer of training and learning for me and I am looking forward to being able to bring back my experience to McGill”.  Daoust reflected on her season with the Martlets last year and indicated that overall the season was successful but that there were things that she learned and would do differently this year.  The Martlets finished last season with a CIS bronze medal after losing their opening game versus the University of Calgary 1-0.  U of Calgary went on win their first ever CIS National title.  Experience is such an important component of player development, especially at the University level Daoust feels that she along with her teammates learned from last year and will be better prepared this season.

“I spent the month of July in Kelowna British Columbia working on improving my skating stride and power with a power skating coach named Dave Roy.  I knew that I needed to improve my skating and Dave was the right person to do the job.  I was on the ice twice a day, six times a week with Dave and learned a lot about how to be a more efficient skater and improved our fitness levels as well.  It was a great experience for me”.  Following her month in BC, Daoust travelled to Calgary to take part in the U22 development Team selection camp.  She was successful and was selected to the team for the second straight season.  Interestingly, Daoust was the only CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) player to be named to the roster.  When asked her thoughts about this she explained, “I am happy to represent the CIS league on the U22 team, but I have to admit that I was surprised by this.  I strongly believe in the talent of players in the CIS and do feel that there are other players who have the ability to play at the required level.  Sometimes I feel that people do not think about the CIS, and after a season of playing in the league, I can strongly recommend to young players to consider looking at the CIS as an option.  I am very happy to be part of the CIS”.

Academically, attending McGill was important for Melodie.  Going to school for the first time in English (her second language) proved to be a challenge, but one that she was ready for!  “Even though I worked hard on improving my English, I had never been a student in an English school before”.  I knew that it would be hard at first, btle frustrating because there were times that I had no idea what the professor was talking about, but I had the support of my teammates and they helped me get through this at the beginning.  As I improved my comprehension, things got easier”. In fact, Daoust finished her first year with at 3.8 GPA marking her best ever academic performance. “School has to be important, even for athletes” says Daoust. “Getting good marks has never been easy for me, but I always knew that school is important so I worked hard to get good marks.  I did this even more so last year and that hard work paid off.  I am very proud of that”, explained Daoust.

Now back and ready to perform with McGill this season, Daoust has recently completed her fitness testing, scoring some of her personal bests in the agility and cardio components.  She has proven that her 12 weeks of intense training over the summer has started to pay off with improved fitness scores.  Now it’s time to show her coaches that she can get the job done on the ice and continue to inspire her teammates to work hard, stay positive and never give up.  The DHD gang looks forward to hearing about Daoust’s progress throughout the year. 







If you would like more information about getting your daughter on the ice with Mélodie or any of the other DHD staff members please email amey@doylehockeydev.com and visit our website www.doylehockeydev.com


Photo source - Hockey Canada

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