Athlete Proflie - Kassidy Sauvé

Posted by Amey Doyle on May 08, 2012
Athlete Proflie - Kassidy Sauvé

I have been involved in hockey development for over 15 years and have always considered myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with young aspiring athletes to help them develop both on and off the ice.  For me, it is so rewarding to watch them grow and mature as they move through their minor hockey years.  There are some players who I meet at a very young age and see on a regular basis, and there are others who attend various camps and then move on, these athletes get older and change their interests.  Regardless, I often keep in touch with many people who go through my hockey development program and enjoy hearing about their successes.  A goaltender by the name of Kassidy Sauvé, was a player who attended my camps from 2004 to 2006 before her family relocated to Whitby Ontario.  Since their move, I have been able to keep in touch with Kassidy and her family and follow her hockey development.  I was thrilled to hear that she was recently named to the Team Canada conditioning camp roster.

Sauve1Like most other young female hockey players Kassidy’s ultimate goal is to represent her country and have the opportunity to play in the Olympics one day.  Short-term, she is focused on making the smooth transition from boy’s hockey to the girl’s game.  She is also working hard to get the opportunities to represent her province and her country in the under-18 programs.  When asked where she was when she got the Team Canada invite an excited Sauvé explained “I was cleaning my e-mail while on my way to a development session with my father and I thought the e-mail was spam! I was on the verge of deleting it when I saw the Hockey Canada name in the sender’s e-mail address. I told my dad and we both started celebrating. Moments later, I called my mom at the hospital and shared the great news. My first thought was that I was extremely lucky to be getting this opportunity because I have always played in the boys program and did not believe that I had been noticed”.

Kassidy grew up playing the majority of her minor hockey in Trois Lacs (St-Lazare) and following her families move, she relocated to she played for two years in Whitby, on a AAA boys hockey team in the Greater Toronto Hockey League.  “It was a great experience, to play with the boys.  I am currently making the switch to girls hockey for the upcoming season, but I believe that I have learned a lot from playing with the boys” explained Sauvé. Team Pic Sauve “I think the time is right to make the switch to the girls game and I will have to adjust certain things about my game.  For example, on ice I believe that I will have to adjust my lateral movement and learn to be more patient, as the girls seem to move the puck around more then the boys and don’t shoot as much.  In my last year with the boys, there was a log of physical play in front of my net, which I believe will not be as present in girl’s hockey.  Off the ice, I will have to adapt socially which I see as a major positive and something I am really looking forward too!  My biggest challenge will be how I prepare before a game now that I don’t have my own dressing room.  That is my biggest concern”! 

Playing with the boys has allowed Kassidy to develop many skills.  Specifically, she has to always work hard on being quick, and staying square to the puck.  She is an aggressive goaltender who has focused on building core strength to have the ability to battle with the boys in the crease area.  Working on handling the puck in game situations was also an important aspect of her game that was a focus during her practices with the boys. “These were pieces of my game that I really had to work on that I believe will give me a bit of an edge over time. I also worked very hard this year at further developing my glove hand as the shots were coming in harder and faster”.

Kim and SauveSauvé wears jersey #32 and has for years and when asked about favorite players she talked about Ed Belfour.  “I believe my aggressive approach to the game is similar to Ed Belfour’s.  In women’s hockey, I have always looked up to Kim St-Pierre and Charline Labonte.  In fact the first time that I met Kim and Charline at one of the Doyle Hockey Development camps was a moment I will never forget; they definitely inspire me”. Kassidy also talked about a time last season when former Toronto Maple Leaf goaltender Curtis Joseph practiced with her team and spoke to her personally about how to play the puck along the boards.  “My current goalie coach, Zac Bierk, a former NHL’r is also a great source of inspiration.  Charlie and SauveIn minutes he knows how to get me back in the right mental state and can quickly spot gaps in my game”. From a personal standpoint, Sauvé spoke about the inspiration she gets from her mother, “recently my mother was diagnosed with a debilitating condition and watching her go about every day without complaining is the ultimate source of inspiration. I have been lucky with all the support I have had and the people who inspire me to work hard.  I take what I can to the rink that will help achieve the desired results”.

Academically, Sauvé considers herself to be an above average student and strives to keep her overall grade point average close to 90%.  Her favorite classes include geography, civics and physical education.  Her future academic goals involve the ability to combine athletics and academics.  “Quite a few schools have shown interest in me this past year and if I continue to perform in both school and sport, I would like to pursue academic opportunities in either the US or Canada. If all goes well, I plan on making that decision in the next 12 to 18 months”. Sauve 3

For now, Kassidy continues to work hard on her off ice conditioning and made sure she was well prepared for the Team Canada Conditioning Camp that took place May 2nd – 6th 2012 in Toronto, Ontario.  She was one of nine goalies that were invited and is thrilled to have this opportunity and was the youngest goaltender on the list. She understands how many great goaltenders there are in Canada and just wants to work hard and compete to the best of her abilities consistently.  She hopes that she has left a good first impression.  At the end of June, Kassidy will be back in Montreal where it all began as she plans on returning to partake in the elite group of the Doyle Hockey Development summer program.

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