5 Fabulous Reasons Girls Should Try Hockey

Posted by Amey Doyle on January 15, 2016
5 Fabulous Reasons Girls Should Try Hockey

I know when my parents had two daughters, they never imagined the number of hours they would spend in an arena watchging their girls play hockey!  Since then, girls hockey across Canada has continued to develop drastically in quality and quantity.  This article outlines only 5 reasons why girls should try hockey, but I believe there are many more!  


In December the NHL hosted its first ever outdoor women’s hockey classic, and later this month, the first National Women’s Hockey League All-Star game is set to take place. With the NWHL in the middle of its inaugural season, women’s hockey is arguably more popular than ever before.

In fact, when it comes to GIRLS hockey, according to USA Hockey magazine, it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the sport. That’s in large part thanks to women like AJ Mleczko who have helped make women’s hockey en vogue. AJ was on the gold-winning women’s Olympic hockey team in 1998 and on the silver-medal-winning team in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. She’s now a mother of 4, a hockey broadcaster, coach and advocate. Her two daughters both play hockey. Here are 5 reasons your girls should try it too!


  • Girls’ hockey is growing in leaps and bounds which means there are lots of new opportunities.
  • When you wear all the gear/equipment, it is tough to get hurt – no matter how many times you fall down!
  • Outdoor skating/pond hockey (for those in cold enough climates) – what better way to enjoy a chilly winter day than being outside and playing a game?
  • Teammates – locker room camaraderie is the biggest thing I miss about playing hockey.
  • Hockey’s not just for boys or tomboys. There are now lots of competitive girls’ teams and leagues emerging. Girls now can choose whether they want to play with their peers or on a boys’ team.

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