Passau Goalie Equipment - Check them out!!

Posted by Amey Doyle on October 24, 2012
Passau Goalie Equipment - Check them out!!

One of the most exciting things about being a goaltender is the equipment you get to wear!  As a kid, I always loved going to hockey stores to simply check out the latest models, put on the glove and the blocker and try to catch with them in the aisles of the store.  I would dream about one day owning the entire set. 

Over the last ten years, large market hockey companies like Bauer and Reebok have produced lighter and more efficient goalie equipment.  The lightweight and the general comfort of their new models are actually quite amazing.  Recently, I was introduced to Passau Hockey Inc., a goalie equipment manufacturing company based out of Chambly Quebec who has been able to keep pace with the latest and most innovative goalie equipment models.  I have been extremely impressed with their product and more importantly the customer service that they offer all of their clients.

Although a relatively new company, Passau president Alain Beaudry and his team have worked for over 25 years for many different companies, both as a designer and as a manufacturer.  In fact, it was Mr. Beaudry who was often the man responsible for repairing and making adjustments to goalie pads for the Montreal Canadians during Patrick Roy’s heyday.  It was only recently that Beaudry along with his son Hugo decided to start his own line.  When asked where the name Passau comes from the Beaudry’s replied, “Passau is the name of a town in Germany that, during the Middle Ages, was a famous center for arms manufacturing. The weapons made there were of such high quality that some warriors said they held mystical powers. People began believing that anyone going into battle with armour bearing the mark of the running wolf (the town’s symbol) couldn’t be defeated. We think the legend of “invincible armour” fits for what a goalie does out on the ice”. 

Now working harder then ever to compete in an extremely competitive goalie equipment market, Passau has been successful at marketing to the adolescent population aged 12-19 years.  Specifically, many espoir (first year midget) and midget AAA goaltenders have turned to Passau for the goalie equipment needs.  In addition, elite female goalies have become interested in the various Passau goalie lines.  The University of Montreal Carabins and the McGill Martlet Hockey Teams are among two Nationally ranked University programs using Passau for their goalies, as well as former U-22 National Team Goaltender Roxanne Douville who also plays for the University of Vermont women’s hockey team. 

Furthermore, Passau’s most notable client is 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kim St-Pierre.  We recently sat down with Kim and asked why Passau?  “I used Sher-Wood equipment from 2002 to 2010 and really liked it.  After the Olympics, I lost my sponsorship and needed new equipment.  I really liked the fit of my glove so I further researched who was responsible for making the glove I was wearing.  Alain Beaudry from Passau Hockey was the person I got it touch with. I was thrilled! Everything was made how I wanted and it was great quality.  That is why I decided to go with Passau.  Great service, great equipment, Alain and Hugo along with the rest of the Passau team are great people to work with and everything is produced in Montreal”.

Currently, St-Pierre who is just back on the ice competitively after an 18 month break for the birth of her son Liam Goudreau, is using the newest model offered by Passau; the Axoim line.  “The pads are so light, thin and very efficient for rebounds.  They are so comfortable to wear and were very easy to brake in.  The gloves are really light as well and they fit well in my hands.  The new chest protector allows me to move my arms really well, with great protection around the shoulder and stomach areas”, explained Kim.  “Hugo and Alain work hard to fit my needs and make things right! I am treated very well with Passau and am always very happy with the product”.

After speaking with Hugo from Passau, it is easy to see the importance that the company places on customer support and service.  “If the goalie wants to be fitted like a pro, we are the right place.  We discuss everything with the goalie during our meeting.  It takes about an hour to fill out the order form and we make suggestions to the goalies based on their size and their style of play.  There are really so many options that each goalie can choose from.  We work every day to push the product technologies to provide the best product to our customers. We take into consideration all the suggestions and continue to make the brand grow”.

Recently, Passau has launched their stick line and they are continuing to work towards offering junior sizing of all their equipment.  Given the experiences that I have had with Passau, I believe that any goaltender looking to purchase new equipment should consider Passau! You can make an appointment to go see Hugo in person or you can order all your options easily online.

Everybody wants to be treated like a pro, why not you?  Visit Passau’s Facebook page and Twitter account to get the latest news, updates and photos or visit their WEBSITE to order the most comfortable pair of pads and gloves you have ever worn.  I can honestly say that you wont be disappointed, their prices are extremely reasonable, the service is incredible, and you’ll have your new equipment within two weeks of ordering.

Source Amey Doyle